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Virgin Galactic

Posted October 27, 2023 in Virgin Galactic

Space travel might feel out of reach, but there are more possibilities today than you might think. Board-certified plastic surgeon Jon M. Grazer, MD, brings this new frontier even closer as he extends his medical expertise to aid Virgin Galactic’s astronauts in their orbital endeavors.

Virgin Galactic

What Is Virgin Galactic?

You may have heard about the “billionaire space race” as entrepreneurs take space exploration to the private sector. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson have all expanded their industries literally to the stars through spaceflight and exploration.

While Musk’s SpaceX program targets expansion to Mars and Bezos’s Blue Orbit enterprise seeks to establish an industrial base in space, Virgin Galactic has turned its focus to space tourism, enabling a lucky few to view space and Earth through a 95 min sub-orbital flight.

Virgin Galactic aims to bring people closer to the wonders of space, continually increasing the frequency of flights. During this unforgettable experience, honest, everyday people can be recognized as commercial astronauts by the Association of Space Explorers.

As the world’s first commercial spaceline, Virgin Galactic aims to bring humanity closer to the awe and wonder of space. Personal experiences can expand human understanding of our own planet through a new view at the edges of our atmosphere.

Virgin Galactic utilizes a custom-built mothership, VMS Eve, which carries the commercial spaceship up and to the brink of orbit. Talented and experienced pilots safely bring the VSS Unity, a reusable sub-orbital spaceship, to the edge of space and back.

Taking civilians into sub-orbital flight is a challenging feat. One of the top priorities of Virgin Galactic is safety. Each future astronaut must complete a Pre-Flight Readiness Program to train their minds and bodies for spaceflight, including rigorous health screenings by Jon M. Grazer, MD.

Dr. Grazer’s Service to Virgin Galactic


A notable board-certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience, Dr. Grazer has expanded his medical services to aviation and spaceflight.

Dr. Grazer is no stranger to flight: with over 6,000 hours of flight time logged since the age of thirteen and flying independently since the age of sixteen, Dr. Grazer intimately understands the medical needs and functions of successful pilot operations. He is currently rated as a commercial, single-engine, multi-engine, land, sea-plane, glider, and rotorcraft pilot.

Additionally, he is an Instrument flight instructor in single, multi-engine, sea-planes and gliders. Paired with his medical expertise and intimate understanding of the nuances of piloting, Dr. Grazer is uniquely qualified to perform aviation medical examinations for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); he serves as a senior medical examiner for first-, second-, and third-class medical certificates.

In conjunction with his medical training, Dr. Grazer has conducted research at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. His medical, science, and aviation background led him to be selected as a second-tier astronaut candidate.

Today, he continues to blend his expertise as a physician with his love of aviation. Through his unique affiliations and established credentials—for both aviation and medicine—Dr. Grazer was one of the few physicians asked to become an aeromedical examiner for Virgin Galactic’s future astronauts.

As an aeromedical examiner, Dr. Grazer is tasked with ensuring the health and readiness of future astronauts. These exams are similar to those required from the FAA, but are more in-depth since he must ascertain if people are physically fit for the rigors of spaceflight.

In an ascent that reaches microgravity at 290,928 feet, Virgin Galactic’s astronauts have to be able to withstand 3 Gs (3 times the force of gravity) acceleration, which is three times what we encounter on Earth.

In his service as an aeromedical examiner, Dr. Grazer is proud to join Virgin Galactic in the quest to improve our understanding and appreciate the vastness and beauty of our universe.

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