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Lip Augmentation Using Implants

Posted May 21, 2018 in Lip Implants

With the rise of social media, patients of all ages are turning to plastic surgery to perfect and enhance their digital image. One of the most popular requests among all age groups is the enlargement of the lips.

Lips are among the most prominent facial features, and many patients desire theirs to be fuller, shapelier, and more “luscious and plump.” There are many options to address naturally small lips or lips that have thinned due to age, including an array of temporary dermal fillers. Lip implants, however, come with a range of unique benefits that are more permanent than a dermal filler.

Why Should You Consider Lip Implants?

They Are Permanent

While lip fillers can certainly enhance the size and shape of the lips, they are temporary solutions that fade as time passes. If you are interested in a more permanent solution to your thinning lips, lip implants are the solution you have been looking for. Lip implants are made out of silicone that will hold its shape.

Sized to Match Your Desires

Lip implants come in a variety of sizes to match your ideal appearance. Whether you are looking for a subtle enhancement or a more dramatic “pout,” there is a lip implant sized perfectly for your needs.

Improved Shape

Not only do implants vary in diameter, but they also vary in length so that you can achieve the ultimate sculpted lip. Since every patient starts with a different shape and curve to their pout, there is a variety of implants that allow you to find the ideal size. Whether your primary interest is attaining fuller lips or enhancing your profile, you can choose an implant that will do just that.

The V-Y Procedure

Dr. Grazer also offers lip augmentation known as the V-Y procedure. This technique uses your lip tissue, as well as grafted fat, to reshape and plump the lips. By rolling your lip tissue and injecting fat into the lips, Dr. Grazer gives you fullness in both the upper and lower lip. The V-Y procedure is another long-lasting option for lip enhancement.

For more information about lip augmentation using implants, contact Dr. Grazer today at 949-644-1240.