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What Contributes to My Breast Augmentation Cost in Newport Beach?

Posted September 15, 2020 in Breast Augmentation

4 Minute Read: 

One of the most common questions patients tend to ask during their consultation is, ‘how much will this cost?’ 

A woman choosing between two different silicone breast implants

Cost is inevitably a significant factor when it comes to choosing plastic surgery, and it is often frustrating when all the internet searches in the world produce little in the way of a concrete answer to that all-important question. In truth, cost determination is no easy thing to provide, and Dr. Grazer can’t even answer that until the end of the consultation. This is because breast augmentation has numerous customizations, and the cost of breast augmentation will change depending on those factors. Some costs remain stable, while others can vary wildly. For this reason, no two breast augmentations ever cost exactly the same. 

What Is the Breast Augmentation Fee Structure?

The most stable parts of a breast augmentation price are the standard fees associated with a breast augmentation operation. These fees include the following:

  • Surgeon’s fees
    • These fees are paid to the surgeon to do the surgery. They are usually stable but can increase if the surgery requires more time, effort, or complex techniques. A simpler and quicker procedure may lessen these fees.
  • Anesthesia fees
    • These fees cover the anesthesia used and the expertise of the anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist determines the amount and type of anesthesia used and monitors the patient throughout the operation. These fees may vary slightly depending on the type and amount of anesthesia used.
  • Facility fees
    • These are fees paid to the facility the operation occurs in. In hospital operations, they pay for the operating room, the supplies, and the time spent in the OR. These fees are usually standardized, though sometimes may increase if the operation takes longer or consumes more supplies than agreed upon.
    • For plastic surgeons who use private operating rooms, the facility fees are used to cover supplies, staff, sanitation services, rent, and other expenses related to keeping their OR clean and safe. 

What Are My Breast Implant Options?

One of the areas of customization that can alter the price of breast augmentation is the type of implant chosen. The following are the choices that can impact the price of the procedure.

  • Saline vs. silicone
    • Saline implants (filled with a sterile saltwater solution) tend to be about a thousand dollars less (on average) but provide less natural results than silicone implants (filled with a silicone-based gel). Saline implants may provide greater cleavage than comparably sized silicone implants, but are more prone to rippling and unnatural appearances. 
  • Shaped vs. round implants
    • Implants can vary in size and shape. Shaped implants tend to be more expensive than round implants and provide more natural-looking and customized results. Shaped implants are ideal for women with smaller breasts who want a more stable breast shape. Round implants are usually a better option for women with larger breasts who find a less-rigid breast shape acceptable. The implant profile also determines the shape of an implant.
  • Large vs. small
    • As expected, larger implants tend to cost more than smaller ones. This may not apply as much to saline implants, which can be filled to the desired size after they are implanted. 
  • Smooth vs. textured
    • Smooth-surfaced implants tend to be round, though there are exceptions. Smooth implants tend to be less expensive but come with a greater risk of implant rotation. This risk is reduced if round implants are used. Textured implants are usually (though not always) used with shaped implants to help the implant stay fixed in place. They have a lower risk of pocket rotation, but the side effects of implant rotation are correspondingly worse and often require breast revision surgery

What Procedure Customization Options Are Available in Newport Beach?

Other breast augmentation elements can be customized, with a corresponding change in price. 

The choice of incision location can change the complexity and difficulty of the procedure. This can change the amount of scaring patients develop and the length and difficulty of the recovery process. Dr. Grazer will provide you with his recommendation based on his examination during your consultation.

The choice of post-op medications can also affect your breast augmentation out-of-pocket cost. Some patients require prescription painkillers during their recovery; others choose to use over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication. The length of time a patient requires medication can also change, lasting anywhere from three days to two weeks. 

For more information on post-op medications, see Dr. Grazer’s article on 10 Ways to Reduce Pain After Your Surgery

Interested in Learning More?

If you want to learn more about breast augmentation costs and fees, please set up a consultation with Dr. Grazer. You can contact his Newport Beach office by calling (949) 644-1240 or filling out our online contact form